Are you keeping up with your customers' demands?

Over 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook every single day. Last year, 60% of businesses used social media video as part of their marketing campaign. We help strategize your social media campaign, from the initial concept to final delivery. We offer creative services, studio space, and a technical production team to deliver the right message to your target audience. Magic Production Group’s got you covered!


What Magic Production group has done for me is helped make me a much bigger company that communicates their message a lot better

                     -Tom Stimson, The Stimson Group

Who WE are

We are an international video production enterprise that delivers the perfect combination of creative content, superior image, and sound production. Working with both agencies and Fortune 500 companies since 1991, we have built an outstanding reputation. We are known for our proven team of professionals, the production of leading-edge video, and the creation and execution of dynamic, memorable corporate events. 


Creative content. Superior productions. Dynamic events.

When it all comes together – it’s pure magic.