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Updated: Sep 5, 2018

SMT, Live Shots
CNN Live shot provided by Magic Production Group

The 2018 midterm election cycle is here. As a candidate, pundit, or commentator, do you have your media tour lined up? Live interviews are one way to engage in political discourse about policy, plans, and calls to action while providing exposure to millions of viewers on both a national and international scale. But, how do you do it? Simple—Live Shot Satellite Media Tours.

Have you ever watched the news when an anchor welcomes their segment guest, the screen splits, and suddenly there's a second person on-screen? Have you ever wondered where that person is? The beauty of SMT live shots is that you can be anywhere in the world and still appear on networks like CNN, FOX, or MSNBC with relative ease.

SMT, or Satellite Media Tours, are a collection of live shots scheduled by agents and producers in unison to place a guest on the air for back-to-back interviews on all major networks. For political spokespersons, this is a must add to the campaign marketing toolbox. Since live shots are, by their very nature, non-scripted, guest can use the time in front of the camera as a means to show off public speaking and debate oriented skills as well as influence millions over the course of a few minutes. This is the main arena for political discourse and is the most effective way to get your ideas across to a massive audience.

There is value in the ability to debate/discuss on live television where no external editing can be performed. It enables guests to discuss topics that matter most to their campaign, address negative pushback, and defend against taking anything said out of context. It allows the audience to hear your ideas as they were intended. It is unadulterated public forum at its highest caliber, a laser beam focus of your beliefs and agenda. With the political arena as active and engaging as it is today, scheduling a live shot SMT with national networks should be a priority for any candidate or commentator.

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